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Sense and Sensefinity

The Year of 2013 showed us that while IOT projects make sense as the logical next step for enterprises to evolve their business, it is still difficult to find the right systems to implement the projects in the field.

While large infrastructure projects can live with the cost-overhead inherent to customized projects, it is clear that the industry has yet to identify a viable solution for the to making Sense out of the Internet of Things. The problem just gets bigger, if clients want to apply Big-Data approach to analyze their business. For that reason, we at Sensefinity are working hard to create solutions.

2014 will bring our solutions to de-risk storage and transportation of perishable goods. With that solution we will be able to provide our customers effective solutions for the logistics sector.

We will also help retail with our first version of the Beacon to automate sales.

And at last we will present our universal solution that will combine Beacons and Logistics enabling everyone to track everything everywhere.

2014 will bring new challenges but we are already working on solutions,

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